Friday, 6 September 2013

Macro - micro

This August I had a great opportunity to take a part in the project called Macro-Micro. It is a prototype building designed and made by Masters Unit students within the School of Architecture at Dundee University. It is located at the Botanic gardens. In the building process they are testing existing technologies in a new way which makes this work very unique. 
I joined the team as volunteer in the stage when buildings frame structure was already erected and insulation work just finished. 

External wall structure filled with icynene.

During August I was participating in different works such as 
carpentry, covering weather membranes on outside and vapour membranes inside, laying OSB sheets and many others.
It was a great experience and a pleasure to work together with interesting people and learn many new things in process of making. 

Unfortunately my volunteering on this project is finished now because I am back to the school for my 4th year but I will keep the following on the progress of this interesting project.

More info about Macro Micro: