Saturday, 17 September 2011

Open house

2nd year of studies already have started in the end of August when Sketch Design Competition was announced and I started to generated ideas for it. Object is an outdoor learning space different from the traditional. Client is real - the pupils and staff of Grange Primary School. This means - the best proposal will be realised.
I came to my concept very quickly without being on the physical site – thanks to my spatial imagination. 

This photo shows significance of the place – presence of nature. Narrow belt of trees along the site creates view free of buildings and other elements of the city.
The main idea of my concept is building – 'mediator' between inside and outside, people and nature, as well as place for feeling, exploring and playing. 

As a base for my design was taken archetype of a house - compact, simple form; double pitched roof (local feature ;). 
And then... I opened it.

...filled with content...

I open it for all 5 senses.

This house is open to the light – direct light in the morning and diffused during the rest of the day.
It is open to the best views towards the cluster of trees.
It is open to scent what comes from flower bed.
It is open to sounds what come from birds and school nearby.
It is open for pupils and everybody who walks along. There are sitting stairs inside where to sit and eat lunch. 

Site plan



South view

It is hard to realise from the street that there is a school. While “Open house” will be as a place mark to pay attention and be inviting. 

Street view

Street view

 Build-up scheme