Thursday, 28 April 2011

GREEN answer to stressful daily life

My summers have always been linked to the countryside. I guess from here I have desire for a green lifestyle. Here in Dundee I have joined to the gardening group for being in relationship with nature and make new friends. Every Sunday we meet at the Botanic gardens in our small allotment to do some garden work. It is agreeably to see that your work bears fruit, even it is some small sprout in the next week after sowing :).

Climate in Dundee is very suitable for gardening

 Cold-frames – pure thermal physics.
Made from recycled furniture

 Different plants into the cold-frame - for more quickly growing

Very first sprouts - sowed in the previous week!

Herbal spiral - landscape architecture for herbs.

The anatomy of one building

Demolition building was a former shopping centre store in the heart of Old Riga. In recent years different activities have been taken a place in this building - a nightclub, art exhibitions and even the architectural office.
Last year it was demolished to allow the space for a new hotel.
My attention was attracted by the building's anatomy and inspiring details.

Demolition in process 





The best view is from this room

Wall painting technique - roller painting

Momento Mori